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What is Tekkit Cubed?
Tekkit³ is a Tekkit Classic server with the greatest staff,
minigames and Minecraft experience around!

Download Tekkit Classic: www.technicpack.net/tekkit-classic

Join us using this IP: play.tekkitcubed.com
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That trailer is too cool, "Can't wait! :)"
Hi everyone
Hi, can the Tekki3 save be put up for download please.
Anyone got an idea for the art contest yet!?
The hats are too strong... CURSE YOU TF2!
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Coming Soon...

Thowee aGG posted Jan 19, 15

dpiperjr Cool, I saw the spawn area of that before.
AshHasFallen Wow nice trailer ...
jesseartistbear1 Wooooahhhhhhh, never before seen footage?!?!?! This is better than sliced bread!!! I'd take tekkit over bread any day!

Tekkit³ Art Contest!

Thowee aGG posted Jan 11, 15
Jan/Feb 2015 Art Contest

We'd like you to create some art themed around Tekkit³ or Minecraft, and post it in the forums here:

Get all the details in the forum, including the great prizes!

Ends 1st Feb.
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