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What is Tekkit Cubed?
Tekkit³ is a Tekkit Classic server with the greatest staff,
minigames and Minecraft experience around!

Download Tekkit Classic: www.technicpack.net/tekkit-classic

Join us using this IP: play.tekkitcubed.com
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Im with you on that one Cdog :)
I don't like unlabeled links... It's a real phobia. True story.
[link] i need a staff member to check this please
Can we get an admin on the server please
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Wool Hunt Contest!

Thowee aGG posted Mar 19, 15

Hunt for the Wool!

Starts this Friday - find the wool and win prizes!

See the forum thread for all the details here: 

dpiperjr $ Congrats ...
Gemmaharris12 Congrats to the winners !
Kizzmi And the Winners are: gabrieln567 connorwhite1416 LilasaurusRex

Tekkit Cubed 2.0

Thowee aGG posted Feb 17, 15

Tekkit Cubed now has Towny!

We have opened two new worlds and a brand new spawn.

/warp nova  The new Towny world with spawn

/warp firma  The new Golden Shovel world

It's now time to start a fresh in these brand new worlds.
Head over there today and claim the perfect spot!

For help on creating and joining towns, see /warp townyhelp!

Old world: The old world (Terra) will never be closed, but we strongly encourage you to move to one of the two new worlds. The old world's bank will be closed shortly, so to continue earning money you will need to move. Your inventory is saved at the old world, but cannot be moved to the new worlds.

9547 its good the old world going to stay, just a idea can all unused and grief areas be fixed.then we could reopen it like i ...
133Marvin As far as I could tell quick selling STILL works from Terra, so any left over IC could still be taken care of that way. ...
Ecc206 $GG Why can't the bank remain open in the old world, what harm is it doing?
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