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Tekkit³ is the greatest Tekkit Classic server around!
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Hello Guze. Post a thread in the Bugs forums and we will help you out. :)
I logged into my friend's account and it let him join the game, but for some reason I'm still getting the same error...
Still cant join :/
Glad to have you back Minevinny ^.^
Gonna come back onto the server, taken a break from tekkit3 due to a slight issue with a staff member and other IRL events going on. As I indeed, do have a life.
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Merry Christmas

The 2015 Build contest has ended

and it's time to annouce our winners!

1st place : Alphagate7

2nd place : Cdognerfinator

3rd place : RazorBladeDolls

4th place : Insaneteddybear

5th place : suiram10

Prizes are below. Treeslapper will message you

via website for your prize. And Congratulations winners!


Alpha Prime + 10K In game money

Anomaly Korea + 10K In game money

Daikatana + 10K In game money

Dead Space Origin Key + 10K In game money

Garry's Mod + 10K In game money


treeslapper How the system works. Is who ever gets first place will get to pick whatever game they want. Then second place will get ...
Skylord_Dodds regarding the contest, if i do win, i dont want garrys mod, as i already have it

Merry Christmas!

treeslapper posted Dec 1, 15

Merry Christmas

The 2015 Tekkit Cubed Christmas event is now live!

You can get to the event area by typing :

/warp xmas

The object of the event is to find the sign that has the current

day on it and you will be given some sort of special gift!


ChibiYtora I love the xmas warp for this year! Was expecting the village again, but this is a nice change. :3 Does this mean it...
jesseartistbear1 $ Oh wait right... we're only the 1st... ;-;
jesseartistbear1 $ Merry Christmas everyone!
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