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What is Tekkit Cubed?
Tekkit³ is a Tekkit Classic server with the greatest staff,
minigames and Minecraft experience around!

Download Tekkit Classic: www.technicpack.net/tekkit-classic

Join us using this IP: play.tekkitcubed.com
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Seems like everyones taking turns being voter of the week, First kizzimi,Me,Alupark, Who's next?
Voter of the week? That's odd I haven't voted that often this week.
great I probably wont get banned but its likely that I will
Im not banned yet!
He got banned? Well really it was a matter of time.
Add premium days by pre-paying or completing an offer!
Refer your friends to our server and win prizes and diamonds!

Invite your friends to the server and ask them to type /referredby <your username> for 64 diamonds.

The top 3 players that refer the most people will win 15k in-game money and one of these prizes (1st chooses first etc):

Prize A: Metro 2033, Risen, and Sacred Citadel 
Prize B: Serious Sam 3: BFE
Prize C: Orcs Must Die! GOTY

You will be disqualified if you ask people you don't know to do /referredby when they join.

Contest ends 20th April - get referring!
Minecrafterfive6 V2 I'd join the contest but most of my friends are from the server or i'v already invited them to play.

New Build Contest Started!

Thowee a posted Mar 1, 14

Our favourites have been judged as:

1st: plot 61 - Yin-Yang by 9547

2nd: plot 82 - Mechwarrior by Ender1515

3rd: plot 16 - Thermophile and Batterybox by Lionstail

Runner ups receiving 5k in-game money each:

Regalien_, Ibizatwist1481, Cherry_Crunch and Spanton2

Fantastic builds by everyone! Please empty your plot ready for the next contest soon :)


You have until the end of 22nd March to build something in a plot at /warp contest

The theme you must follow is: Water & Lava

The owners and admins will judge the builds based on style, originality and/or function, and how well you followed the theme! 

Top 3 will win 15,000 in-game money. The best build will win a custom building made by our mods (TBC) and first choice of the following PC games, 2nd and 3rd will get next choice of these games:

Ace of Spades, Costume Quest, Skyrim

Type /warp contest to get started!

Now donator ranks will show their normal rank next to it! 

Expect lots of ranks like [Warrior Legend] and [Royal Elite]!

Donators can now also /rankup like normal! Visit the shop to get your donation rank today!
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